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STEM Resources for Schools

What is STEM? STEM is a teaching approach that includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths within the curriculum. Browse our fantastic range of resources below. Click here to express an interest in our curriculum focused STEM training from certified trainers.

STEM is a key part of the curriculum but what is it and why is it important? Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths make up this integrated, cross curricular subject. It provides hands-on and relevant real world experiences to develop core skills such as problem-solving, team work and creativity. These skills give children the ability to adapt to an ever-changing unpredictable world, to think through problems and find their own solutions. 

 Click here to express an interest in our curriculum focused STEM training from certified trainers.

Popular STEM Products

20% Off Exercise Books* | KCS School Supplies20% Off Exercise Books* | KCS School Supplies
STEM Science Resources | KCSSTEM Science Resources | KCS

Science is the foundation of STEM, driving innovation and understanding across all fields. From measuring equipment to mirrors, we have your school science supplies covered.

STEM Design & Technology Resources | KCSSTEM Design & Technology Resources | KCS

Design & technology in STEM foster creativity, problem-solving, and practical application, paving the way for groundbreaking inventions and advancements.

Computing & ICT in STEM empower children with digital tools and skills to tackle complex challenges and enhance the way they approach problems in everyday lives.

STEM Computing & ICT Resources | KCSSTEM Computing & ICT Resources | KCS

Mathematics in STEM forms the language of nature, enabling precise analysis, modeling, and understanding of the world around us. Whether your focus is number value or geometry, we have your maths classroom covered.

STEM Maths Resources | KCSSTEM Maths Resources | KCS
STEM Measurement Resources | KCSSTEM Measurement Resources | KCS
STEM Outdoor Exploration Resources | KCSSTEM Outdoor Exploration Resources | KCS
STEM Electricity Resources | KCSSTEM Electricity Resources | KCS

Curriculum focused STEM resources & training from certified trainers

Unsure which computing products you need to cover the National Curriculum? Have an idea what you need but need to make sure that the investment is worthwhile? We have partnered up to deliver STEM focused training from certified trainers exactly for this reason. Our CPD (Continuous Professional Development) training can be either online or in person to suit your needs and budget.

Have you met KUBO?

The ideal starting point for introducing coding and computational thinking to students from age four years and up. Teach functions, subroutines and loops in simple, logical steps.

His compact size and ability to be programmed in multiple ways means he is the ideal expandable resource to be used across age groups.

Browse Learning Resources | KCS EducationBrowse Learning Resources | KCS Education
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