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Design & Technology For Schools

Design and technology are essential components of STEM education because they provide students with opportunities to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills. Design and technology also helps students to understand how science, mathematics, and technology are interconnected and how they can be used to create innovative solutions to complex problems.

Inspire students to think creatively and critically as they develop solutions to real-world problems

Provide an engaging and hands-on way for students to learn about nutrition and food science while also developing practical skills that can be used in their daily lives.

Electricity Resources

Electricity is a fundamental aspect of modern science and technology, and understanding its principles is essential for students to develop a strong foundation in physics and engineering. 

Help children learn in by providing them with concrete examples and experiences that illustrate how concepts work in practice.

Including hand tools, safety goggles, and measuring devices, all of which are crucial for ensuring student safety and success in the classroom.

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  1. General Purpose PVA Each 5ltr

    Product Code: 11033077

    £17.99 £14.99
  2. KCS Masking Tape - Pack 9

    Product Code: 04477740

    £14.39 £11.99
  3. Cotton pipe cleaners 150mm 250pk

    Product Code: 16137010

    £4.74 £3.95
  4. Fine Twine Ball of String White Each 125g

    Product Code: 11087001

    £3.54 £2.95
  5. Ramin Dowels 2mm Pack 1000

    Product Code: 10260215

    £11.94 £9.95
  6. Jumbo Artstraws White Box 900

    Product Code: 16502011

    £22.79 £18.99
  7. Texet Hot Melt Glue Stick Pack 100

    Product Code: 12856856

    £16.79 £13.99
  8. Clear Glue 1Ltr

    Product Code: 03033002

    £3.54 £2.95
  9. Texet Cool Melt Glue Sticks - Pack 25

    Product Code: 12856002

    £16.79 £13.99
  10. Junior Technolgy Workstation

    Product Code: 554030028

    £603.59 £502.99
  11. Plain Headless Matches Natural Pack 2000

    Product Code: 10400092

    £2.94 £2.45
  12. 2X AA Battery Holder with Snaps Pack of 10

    Product Code: 41000679

    £3.54 £2.95
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