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Light, Dark & Space

Light, Dark & Space

Blast off into a galaxy of wonder and exploration with the Light, Dark and Space theme. Through this cosmic adventure children can learn where light comes from, how shadows are formed and how day becomes night. Little astronauts can go on an interstellar adventure through the wonders of the galaxy as they expand their vocabulary and understanding of the world and build a love for the mysteries of the cosmos. We have collated a list of key vocabulary and galactic activities to start your journey, so buckle up your imaginary seatbelts and prepare for an out-of-this-world experience as we reach for the stars together!

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This galactic theme lends itself to a variety of engaging activities

From role play to mark making, arts & crafts, small world play and more that will reinforce key learning outcomes.

Terrific Tracing: Trace the shadows of objects in the sun - @kcsearlyyears has some great examples we've tried!

Solar Show: Make shadow puppets and use a torch to put on a show

Tuff Tray Constellations: Set up a space themed Tuff Tray and practice mark making in the moon sand

Play Dough Planets: Use dough and dough accessories to create Alien shapes and planets

Monochrome Meteors: Use paints and chalk on black paper to create space artwork

Rocket Role Play: Make pretend jet packs, put on your astronaut suit and ‘fly’ around pretending to zap alien meteors and save the earth!

Solar System Sorting: Set up a cosmic loose parts station where children can count, sort and sequence stars, moon rocks and space figures.

Key Vocabulary:

Here is a stellar vocabulary list to consider introducing as you traverse this cosmic theme...















Solar System







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