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Around the World

Around the World

It's important for early years children to learn about the diverse world around them as it fosters curiosity, cultural awareness, and a sense of global community. To support this learning, here at KCS we offer a range of engaging resources such as polar puzzles, sea life puppets and storybooks about different cultures and places. These tools help children understand geography, appreciate cultural diversity, and develop empathy. Activities like international music sessions and multicultural art projects further enrich their learning experience, making it both fun and educational.

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  1. Playpit Sand 15kg Bag

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  2. Peg People of the World

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  3. Children of the World

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  4. Ocean Animal Wooden Set

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  5. Slime Play Blue

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  6. Wild Animal Wooden Set

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  7. Let's Investigate Polar Footprints

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  8. Children of the World Welcome Carpet

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  9. Cold Places Tuff Tray Bundle

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  10. South America Jigsaw Puzzle

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  11. Hot Hot Places Tuff Tray Bundle

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  12. Safari Tabards - Age 3-7 years

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  13. Play Cave

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  14. Safari Felt Assorted Pack 12

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  15. Ocean Set

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  16. Australasia Jigsaw Puzzle

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  17. Polar Set

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  18. Rescue Boat with Helicopter

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  19. Jungle Animals Bulk Bag

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  20. Little Lands -Ocean

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  21. Small Tree House

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  22. Black Polished Pebbles

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  23. Jumbo Pebbles - Lowercase Alphabet

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  24. Continents Jigsaw Puzzle Bundle

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Globe-Trotting Fun: Activities to help children learn about the world around them!

Cultural Storytime: Read books from different cultures and discuss the stories and traditions.

International Music: Play music from around the world and let children dance and explore different rhythms.

Dress-Up Play: Provide traditional costumes from different cultures for children to try on and explore.

Language Fun: Teach simple greetings and phrases in different languages and practice with the children - you could always use this as a way to welcome children to your settings too! We've included a few different options for you at the bottom of this page...

World Flags Matching Game: Create a matching game with flags from different countries and learn about each one.

Global Animals: Learn about animals from different parts of the world and their habitats through stories, pictures, finger puppets or figures.

International Dolls: Play with dolls dressed in traditional clothing from different countries.

Key Vocabulary:

Start with simple words and phrases to help children learn to describe different elements of the world...














How to say hello...

Hola - Spain
Bonjour - France
Hello - United Kingdom
Ciao - Italy
Hallo - Germany
Olá - Portugal
こんにちは (Konnichiwa) - Japan
你好 (Nǐ hǎo) - China
안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo) - South Korea
Привет (Privet) - Russia
Merhaba - Turkey
हैलो (Hailo) - India
مرحبا (Marhaba) - Saudi Arabia
Hallo - Netherlands
Sawubona - South Africa

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