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Bleach Cleaner & Disinfectants

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  1. Jeyes Professional Bactericidal Hand Soap, 2 x 5L

    Product Code: 06822015

    £23.99 £19.99
  2. Senses Unperfumed liquid Soap 2x5L

    Product Code: 06897289

    £16.79 £13.99
  3. Super 5-in-One Dishwasher Tablets

    Product Code: 06550976

    £21.59 £17.99
  4. Granular Salt, 10Kg

    Product Code: 06987006

    £15.59 £12.99
  5. Duck Deep Action Gel, Pine 750ml Each

    Product Code: 06981013

    £2.99 £2.49
  6. Carefree Maintainer, 2 x 5ltr

    Product Code: 06981091

    £39.59 £32.99
  7. BioD Fragrance Free Fabric Conditioner, 1L, Each

    Product Code: 06550392

    £3.54 £2.95
  8. Bio-D Fragrance Free Cleansing Hand Wash 500ml

    Product Code: 06550417

    £4.74 £3.95
  9. Lift Envirological Bath and Washroom Cleaner Each 750ml

    Product Code: 06990522

    £3.54 £2.95
  10. Bio-D Plum & Mulberry Cleansing Hand Wash 500ml

    Product Code: 06550423

    £8.34 £6.95
  11. Trigger Action Sprayer Each 750ml

    Product Code: 06501705

    £2.34 £1.95
  12. Pulire Concentrated Cleaner Disinfectant, 5ltr, Ea

    Product Code: 06514110

    £8.99 £7.49
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Items 1-12 of 119

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In our continuous pursuit of impeccable cleanliness within educational spaces, the potency of our bleach cleaner & disinfectants remains unrivaled. These solutions are pivotal in eliminating germs, ensuring that classrooms, labs, and communal areas remain safe for both students and staff.

Grounds treaded daily by eager learners need diligent care. Our floor care equipment range ensures that hallways, classrooms, and assembly areas gleam, reflecting the high standards of hygiene we advocate for.

For tables, counters, and shared spaces where learning thrives, our multi surface cleaners guarantee a thorough cleanse, leaving surfaces spotless and germ-free. Meanwhile, restrooms, a vital part of any institution, deserve dedicated attention, which our washroom & toilet cleaner range provides, ensuring these spaces remain pristine and hygienic.

We're conscious of our impact on the environment. That's why our environmentally friendly cleaning products ensure that while we eliminate germs, we also reduce our carbon footprint.

Lastly, the effectiveness of a cleaning solution is often enhanced by the right tools. From scrubbing corners to mopping hallways, our cleaning mops, buckets, brushes & trolleys are designed for efficiency, ensuring no spot is missed.

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