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House & Home

House & Home

Our House & Home theme is an inviting space where little imaginations turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary learning adventures! Here, children are invited to explore the cosy comforts and bustling activities that make a house a home while they delve into imaginative play in a pretend kitchen, construct miniature cities with building blocks or dress a family of rag dolls. This theme inspires creativity, collaboration, and a sense of belonging as children journey through the rooms and corners of a home. Our homely vocabulary list and domestic activity ideas will spark joy, curiosity, and endless possibilities for young learners through an enchanting exploration of house and home together.

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Discover engaging activities to help early learners explore and understand the concepts of house and home...


Brilliant Building: Use building blocks to create different types of houses, encouraging children to explore architectural design and understand home structures.

Role-Playing: Set up a play area with mini furniture and household items where children can role-play different family roles and daily routines.

House Drawing and Coloring: Provide paper and crayons for children to draw and color their own homes, helping them express what makes their house special.

DIY House Crafts: Provide materials like cardboard, glue, and markers for children to create their own model houses.

Ready, Steady, Cook: Engage children in a simple cooking or baking activity, like making cookies or sandwiches, to help them learn about kitchen activities at home.

Terrific Textures: Fill a sensory bin with safe household items like spoons, sponges, and small containers for children to explore different textures and uses.

Playful Puppets: Use puppets to act out daily routines and family interactions, helping children understand family dynamics and home life.

Fantastic Forts: Use blankets, pillows, and chairs to build a cozy fort, teaching children about creating comfortable spaces within their home.

Cleaning Challenge: Provide child-sized cleaning tools like brooms and dustpans for a fun cleaning activity, teaching responsibility and tidiness.

Key Vocabulary:

Let's dive into some important words for little ones to talk about houses, homes, and all the cosy feelings they should bring...

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