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Early Years Furniture

Create a Welcoming and Functional Space for Early Years with Our Furniture Collection!

At KCS, we understand the importance of providing a nurturing environment for young learners in schools and nurseries. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of early years furniture designed to meet their specific needs.

From sturdy and versatile tables to comfortable and ergonomic seating, our furniture collection is tailored to support early childhood development. Our tables come in various sizes and shapes, perfect for group activities, art projects, and collaborative play. The seating options prioritize comfort and proper posture, ensuring an ideal learning environment for little ones.


Browse our enhanced range of storage solutions for nurseries, from essential trays & tray storage to outdoor sheds and shelving. 

Early Years Furniture Tables & Chairs | KCSEarly Years Furniture Tables & Chairs | KCS
Early Years Furniture Bookcases & Shelving | KCSEarly Years Furniture Bookcases & Shelving | KCS
Early Years Furniture Soft Furnishings | KCSEarly Years Furniture Soft Furnishings | KCS
Early Years Furniture Dens | KCSEarly Years Furniture Dens | KCS
Early Years Furniture Room Scenes | KCSEarly Years Furniture Room Scenes | KCS

Early Years Enabling Environments

At KCS, we believe that the right furniture can transform learning spaces into vibrant and engaging environments for young minds. Our carefully curated range of furniture is designed to create inclusive and enabling spaces for early years settings.

Early Years Furniture Ranges | KCSEarly Years Furniture Ranges | KCS
  1. Play Tray Activity Table
    Play Tray Activity Table
    As low as £275.99 £229.99
  2. Toddler Mirror Panel
    Toddler Mirror Panel
    £173.99 £144.99
  3. Wooden Framed Partition
    Wooden Framed Partition
    As low as £403.19 £335.99
  4. Freestanding Partition
    Freestanding Partition
    As low as £147.59 £122.99
  5. Sofa Suite Set with Low Table
    Sofa Suite Set with Low Table
    As low as £671.99 £559.99
  6. Jolly Back Floor Chair
    Jolly Back Floor Chair
    As low as £191.99 £159.99
  7. Jolly Back Chair with Castors
    Jolly Back Chair with Castors
    As low as £263.99 £219.99
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