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Prehistoric World

Prehistoric World

Take a step back in time to an age when giants roamed the Earth with this prehistoric theme where young explorers embark on a thrilling journey. Through a treasure-trove of engaging activities and captivating stories that dig into the past, children will uncover fascinating facts about these magnificent creatures and foster a love for learning about history and the evolution of the earth. As they excavate fossils, take giant steps like a Stegosaurus or count T-Rex’s teeth, children will unearth their learning potential and unleash their imaginations.

Hold on to your ancient hats and let’s set off on a Jurassic journey through the ages!

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  1. Jumbo Magnifiers with Stand Set of 6

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  2. Match And Measure Bones Set 16

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  3. Jumbo Dinosaurs Set 5

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  4. Dinosaur Wooden Characters

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  5. Jurassic Play Scene

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  6. Play Cave

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  7. Chasing Dinosaurs

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  8. Triceratops Dinosaur Themed Onesie, Aged 3-5

    Product Code: 41001153

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  9. Book Pack: Dinosaurs

    Product Code: 41001151

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  10. T-Rex Dinosaur Themed Onesie, Aged 3-5

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  11. Dinosaur Wooden Set

    Product Code: 08300313

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  12. Let's Investigate Prehistoric Teeth

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  13. Deluxe Dinosaur Set

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  14. Children's Wheelbarrow

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  15. Moss

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  17. Mixies Dinosaur Blended Sand (Dark Green and Red)

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  18. Prosolve Non-Adhesive Black and Yellow Barrier Tape

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  19. Let's Investigate Dinosaur Footprints

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  20. Fadeless Design Display Roll Foliage Design Green Each

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  21. Prehistoric and Dinosaur Tuff Tray Bundle

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  22. Dinosaur Book Pack for Babies & Toddlers

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  23. Outdoor Multi Mud Kitchen

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  24. Prehistoric Teeth Explore and Discover Cards

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Unearth a roaring good time with these prehistoric activities that will ignite the imaginations of young paleontologists!

Small World Swamp: Set up a Jurassic small world scene complete with swampy green Elasti sand or slime where children can excavate fossils and dinosaur bones.

Creative Crafts: Use paint, card and various torn or cut pieces to replicate dinosaurs’ scaly skin.

Marvellous Maths: Create a prehistoric maths area with dinosaur figures, bones and size sorting eggs for children to count, sort, match and order in size

Build Your Own: Construct an erupting volcano using red food colouring, dish soap water, vinegar and baking soda.

Step back in time: Create a dinosaur footpath using dinosaur footprint stones in dough or dip stampers in paint

Ready, Set, Roar: Make giant strides in gross motor skills with big movements using our Chasing Dinosaurs set, Happy Hoppers Dinosaur or get dressed up in our dinosaur onesies and have a dino-sized race!

Key Vocabulary:

We have excavated a positively prehistoric list of key vocabulary that will help little learners with their Jurassic jabber:








Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)

















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