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Primary School Maths Supplies

Maths Resources For Primary Schools

 Mathematics is an essential subject that holds immense importance in primary school education. By introducing children to the world of numbers, shapes, and patterns, mathematics fosters critical thinking, problem solving skills, and logical reasoning from an early age. It equips young learners with foundational knowledge that transcends the classroom and empowers them to navigate the complexities of the modern world. 


A a fundamental aspect of mathematics, playing a crucial role in primary education, measurement provides students with practical skills that are essential for their everyday lives. By exploring concepts such as length, weight, time, and capacity, students develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Make learning fun with our engaging, and interactive maths games, allowing students to practice and reinforce their mathematical skills in an enjoyable way.

Indispensable tools that promote active learning, provide hands-on experiences, and enhance students' mathematical abilities through practical application.

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  1. Table Turners - Teacher Size - Single

    Product Code: 41002037

    Your Price £16.79 £13.99 Was £21.99
  2. Jumbo Felt Shapes Assorted Pack 56

    Product Code: 16900591

    £11.94 £9.95
  3. 3 box tray

    Product Code: 08625175

    £18.59 £15.49
  4. Pupils A4 Place Value Boards Pack 30

    Product Code: 41900534

    £63.59 £52.99
  5. Vertical Hanging Fridge or Freezer Thermometer

    Product Code: 23123205

    £3.54 £2.95
  6. Tens Frame Board And Double-Sided Counters, Pack 10

    Product Code: 41900020

    £10.74 £8.95
  7. Coated Foam Dice, Yellow

    Product Code: 15001015

    £16.79 £13.99
  8. Metal Compass Pack 10

    Product Code: 04748068

    £4.74 £3.95
  9. Polyhedral Number Dice Pack 6

    Product Code: 08100216

    £7.14 £5.95
  10. 2cm Linking Cubes Assorted Pack 100

    Product Code: 08100600

    £14.39 £11.99
  11. Decimals Dominoes - Basic Subtraction

    Product Code: 41001708

    £11.94 £9.95
  12. Rekenrod Foam Ten-Frames, Set of 4

    Product Code: 41000336

    £14.39 £11.99
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Items 1-12 of 623

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