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Hand Towels

Frequently used in schools, offices, and early years settings, our range of premium hand towels offer superior hygiene and comfort. Keep your facilities stocked with absorbent and durable towels that promote cleanliness and convenience. Stock up on our essential hand towels or find a new dispenser below...

Keep classroms and workspaces clean and tidy with our high-quality wipes and centrefeed rolls

Get your school or early years setting's laundry needs sorted with our range of reliable and efficient laundry products

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Keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic is crucial for your health and wellbeing. With our amazing range of kitchen accessories, it's easier than ever to maintain a spotless space while cooking up a storm.

From essential facial tissues to trusted centrefeed rolls, Kimberly Clark has a fantastic range of products that drive efficiency, are designed for hygiene and have sustainability at their core.

Kimberly Clark Supplies | KCS School & Office SuppliesKimberly Clark Supplies | KCS School & Office Supplies
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  1. KCS Singlefold Hand Towel Green Box 5000

    Product Code: 06333522

    £34.79 £28.99 As low as £25.99
  2. Tork Soft Singlefold Interleaved Hand Towel Blue Case 3750

    Product Code: 06566009

    £32.39 £26.99
  3. KCS Singlefold Hand Towel Blue Case 5000

    Product Code: 06333511

    £34.79 £28.99 As low as £24.99
  4. Tork Soft Hand Towel White Case 3750

    Product Code: 06567111

    £34.79 £28.99
  5. KCS Singlefold Hand Towel White Case 5000

    Product Code: 06444511

    £34.79 £28.99
  6. Tork Xpress Multi-Fold Hand Towel Blue Case 3000

    Product Code: 06222500

    £33.59 £27.99 As low as £25.49
  7. KCS Z-Fold Hand Towel White Case 3000

    Product Code: 06333501

    £28.79 £23.99
  8. KCS Mini Hand Towel Blue Case 10000

    Product Code: 06333000

    £46.79 £38.99
  9. Tork Xpress Multi-Fold Hand Towel White Case 3780

    Product Code: 06575020

    £75.59 £62.99
  10. Tork Matic Hand Towel Roll 280mts Case 6 1Ply

    Product Code: 06720122

    £83.99 £69.99
  11. Tork Hand Towel Multifold White 3000 1ply

    Product Code: 06222501

    £20.39 £16.99
  12. Kleenex Soft Z-fold Hand Towel 1860 2ply

    Product Code: 06566285

    £65.99 £54.99
  13. Cheeky Panda Z Fold Bamboo Hand Towels

    Product Code: 06100409

    £41.99 £34.99
  14. Hand Towels 500mm x 900mm, Twin Pack

    Product Code: 45900002SZ

    £15.59 £12.99
  15. Scott/Kleenex Hand Towel Dispenser White

    Product Code: 06566157

    £11.99 £9.99
  16. Scott Control Slimroll Rolled Hand Towels Case 6

    Product Code: 06100532

    £74.39 £61.99
  17. Tork Elevation Singlefold Hand Towel Dispenser

    Product Code: 06655048

    £83.99 £69.99
  18. Procell Intense D, battery 1.5v Pack 10

    Product Code: 24052092

    £16.79 £13.99
  19. Tork Electronic Hand Towel Dispenser

    Product Code: 06720120

    £286.79 £238.99
  20. Kleenex, Ultra Z-fold Hand Towel, white, 2ply

    Product Code: 06566290

    £52.79 £43.99
  21. Tork Matic Hand Towel Roll 150mts Case 6 2ply

    Product Code: 06720119

    £89.99 £74.99
  22. Hand Towels 500mm x 900mm, Twin Pack

    Product Code: 45900002CZ

    £15.59 £12.99
  23. Hand Towel Dispenser White W290xD145xH425mm

    Product Code: 06333521

    £17.99 £14.99
  24. Aquarius Slimroll Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser White

    Product Code: 06100525

    £20.39 £16.99
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In educational settings, the importance of hand hygiene cannot be overstated. Our premium range of hand towels caters precisely to this essential need, ensuring a gentle and efficient drying experience after each wash, safeguarding both students and staff from potential health concerns.

While hand towels play a pivotal role post-wash, the cleanliness of surfaces they come into contact with is equally vital. Our cleaning cloths & dusting tools are designed to tackle dust and dirt, ensuring surfaces remain spotless and allergen-free. 

For those inevitable spills and swift clean-ups in canteens or art rooms, our centrefeed rolls and wipes are your on-the-spot heroes. Their high absorbency and swift action make them a must-have in every classroom and staff room.

Bright and clean windows can uplift the ambiance of any learning space. With our window cleaning products, every pane shines with clarity, allowing natural light to flood in and energize the room. Lastly, alongside hand towels, sometimes a gentler touch is needed for faces or delicate tasks. That’s where our facial tissues & towels come into the picture, offering softness with care.

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