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Get a class full of answers every time with Show-me

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Do you know what all pupils are 
learning and thinking?

Often in class we ask students a question to check understanding and let just one pupil answer. 
Trouble is we only ever know the thinking and learning of that one pupil. 
But of course, we’re interested in the thinking & learning of ALL our students. 
That’s what Show-me Boards can do quickly and easily.

Antimicrobial ingredient kills 99.99% of germs as they hit the surface.

Superior 'STAY CLEAN' drywipe surface stays cleaner for longer.

Fully Recyclable Whiteboards Polypropylene - one of the easiest plastics to recycle.

Here’s what Bruce Robertson Science Teacher and Author thinks -

"I love Show-me boards as they:
- Make ALL pupils think
- Give ALL pupils time to think
- Make ALL pupils commit to a specific answer
- Make ALL pupils’ thinking and learning visible to you at a quick glance"

Show-me New & Improved Surface on Whiteboards | KCS EducationShow-me New & Improved Surface on Whiteboards | KCS Education

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