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Santa Snowman

Santa Snowman

Instructions -

1.  Take the red sugar paper and wrap it around half of the tube. Use scissors to cut off any excess and then glue the paper to the tube.

2.  Now take the white sugar paper and do the same around the other half of the tube, cutting it and then gluing it in place.

3.  Draw two small circles on the pink foam and cut these out carefully using scissors.

4.  Carefully glue the two circles onto the white half of the Santa to create cheeks.

5.  Take a red pipe cleaner and cut four pieces each 4cm in length.

6.  Twist one of the pipe cleaners in the middle around another pipe cleaner about two thirds of the way up it. This will create fingers for the Santa.

7.  Glue the end of the pipe cleaner and attach it to the side of the red part of the tube. Then repeat steps 4 and 5 with the other pipe cleaners to create the other arm.

8.  Take a piece of red felt and draw out the net for a cone shape.

9.  Carefully cut out the net and glue the straight edges together to create a cone, and leave to dry.

10. Once dry glue a thin layer of snow cloud around the edge of the bottom of the hat.

11. Finally, glue a white pom pom onto the top of the hat to finish the look.

Click here to download and print the PDF version of this craft and inspire your class!
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