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Reward Policy


Loyalty Scheme

1.      General

1.1      The Kent County Supplies loyalty scheme (“KCS Rewards”) is managed and promoted by Kent County Supplies (“KCS”).

1.2      KCS can at its sole discretion cancel, withdraw or alter the scheme, including these terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice to the loyalty scheme account holder(s).

1.3      KCS reserve the right to remove a loyalty scheme account at any time or reject membership to the scheme at any time.

1.4      KCS reserve the right to remove or withhold points, offers, services or promotions at any time.

1.5      KCS Rewards and all related intellectual property in its entirety belongs to KCS.

1.6      KCS Rewards is only valid on www.kcs.co.uk and points cannot be redeemed on any other website or offline service delivered by KCS.

1.7      KCS can take any action it considers appropriate, including removing or suspending points accrued, if there is reason to believe the scheme or associated offers have been abused or its terms infringed.

1.8      Use of additional offers and benefits associated with the scheme may be subject to geographical restriction as set out in paragraph 1.29 below.

1.9      KCS retain the ability to remove a loyalty scheme account and all accumulated points if not used within an entire financial year or if an associated KCS or Commercial Services account has been closed.

1.10      A loyalty scheme account holder may not be able to earn or redeem any KCS loyalty points whilst in breach of these terms and conditions. Where it is believed that there has been a breach KCS reserves the right at our sole discretion to withdraw loyalty points already allocated and/or remove the loyalty scheme account holder from the scheme.

1.11      To benefit from the scheme individuals and organisations must be registered with a KCS online customer account and have opted in to the KCS Rewards scheme.

1.12      By opting in to the loyalty scheme, individuals and organisations agree to the collection of their data and use of said data by KCS and its divisions.

1.13      By opting in to the loyalty scheme, individuals and organisations agree to receive marketing materials from KCS regarding the loyalty scheme in addition to other marketing campaigns which are considered relevant to your business. Individuals and organisations are able to opt out of communications at any time.

1.14      Where a loyalty scheme account holder opts out of the scheme, all accumulated points will be removed. Loyalty scheme account holders can choose to leave the scheme at any time. By leaving the scheme a loyalty scheme account holder forfeits the right to any points already accrued or pending.

1.15      Points are neither transferable nor assignable between accounts.

1.16      Points cannot be exchanged against a monetary value.

1.17      Full details of how points are collected and how they may be redeemed can be found by reading sections 2 and 3 of these terms; Earning Points and Redeeming Points.

1.18      KCS does not accept any liability for loyalty scheme accounts whose use has been disrupted due to the actions of the account holder.

1.19      In administering the scheme KCS will be processing your personal details in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Please see our Privacy and Data Protection Policy in order to understand how we do this and your rights.

1.20      These terms and conditions, in conjunction with the privacy policy, are applicable across the entire KCS Rewards scheme and any participation is considered as acceptance. Additional terms and conditions may be introduced for optional elements of the scheme without giving prior notice to the account holder.

1.21      Contract services and framework agreements are excluded from KCS Rewards in their entirety, meaning that points cannot be earned and redeemed against these services.

1.22      KCS is entitled to remove points at any time if products are returned for any reason and a full or partial refund of the purchase price is given. This also applies to the exchange of products, unless the exchange is for products with an equivalent or lesser point value.

1.23      Points awarded at the time of the transaction or vouchers already issued may be removed or cancelled if KCS determines that the points were collected in breach of these terms and conditions or were awarded in error. For the avoidance of doubt, any advice or actions of a member of staff that is contrary to these terms and conditions will not have the effect of changing these terms and conditions.

1.24      KCS and Commercial Service employees are excluded from the KCS Rewards scheme.

1.25      Account holders must register their personal details and keep KCS informed of any changes. KCS shall not be held responsible for any loss of points incurred as a result of erroneous details.

1.26      Account and security details remain the responsibility of the account holder. KCS shall not be held responsible for any loss arising from the account holder failing to ensure the safe-keeping of these details.

1.27      KCS is under no obligation to award loyalty points for any reason outside of qualifying transactions.

1.28      The Scheme is only available to individuals, organisations or account holders with a UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man (IoM) or BFPO address.

1.29      The scheme is not available for organisations/individuals belonging to KCS resellers and selected councils.

1.30      If a KCS product is obtained solely using loyalty points, any refund will be given in credit /loyalty points. No cash refunds will be given in these circumstances.

1.31      All points accrued will expire on the 31st March of each year and all balances set at zero. Any points not spent by this date will be lost.

1.32      KCS reserves the right to vary the loyalty points available and the rate at which points will be allocated.

2.      Earning Points

2.1      The standard number of points awarded is 1 point for every £1.00 spent on qualifying purchases; subject to updates.

2.2      KCS reserve the right to alter overall earning rates or product specific earning rates at any time.

2.3      Points will be awarded and loaded once a qualifying order has been placed.

2.4      Delivery charges, where applicable, will not contribute to the earning of loyalty points.

2.5      KCS reserve at its sole discretion the right to exclude certain brands, categories, ranges or products from part or the entirety of the loyalty scheme without giving prior notice to account holders.

2.6      Loyalty points will not be earned against loyalty points which have been redeemed on an order.

2.7      Points allocated through the KCS Rewards scheme are specific to the website account where these are earned. These cannot be transferred or assigned to any other person or account. Nor can they be sold, or traded in any way.

2.8      KCS loyalty points are earned against orders with a minimum threshold value of £1.00.

2.9      Where points can be collected with KCS partners, further terms and conditions may apply.

2.10      KCS may set a limit on the number of times points can be awarded for purchasing promotional items on which additional points are available. Individual promotions may have different limits as communicated in their purchase conditions. Any participation in promotional offers above and beyond what could objectively be considered consumer behaviour or personal use may be considered as abuse of the scheme.

3.      Redeeming Points

3.1      KCS Reward points cannot be processed via any third party financial system, including but not limited to Capita FMS, PS Financials etc. Reward points must first be allocated to the order via www.kcs.co.uk before submitting to the third part system.

3.2      Loyalty points cannot be redeemed against any shipping or postage costs associated with an order.

3.3      The basic value of KCS Reward points can be found here [insert link] and KCS reserve the right to make changes to this without giving prior notice to account holders.

3.4      The minimum value of points that can be redeemed against an order is £1.00 and KCS reserve the right to make changes to this without giving prior notice to loyalty scheme account holders.

3.5      Users are able to claim up to 90% off a qualifying order by using KCS Reward points. KCS reserve the right to make changes to this without giving prior notice to account holders.

4.      Affiliate Points

4.1      By opting into a KCS Rewards affiliate points offer, you agree to be contacted by the chosen affiliate partner using the details supplied.

4.2      By opting into a KCS Rewards affiliate points offer, individuals and organisations agree to receive marketing materials from the chosen affiliate partner regarding any services that are considered relevant to your business. Individuals and organisations are able to opt out of communications at any time.

4.3      Points will be awarded to an account a maximum of 4 weeks after a qualifying action is completed; special circumstances may cause delays.

4.4      All qualifying actions and agreements must be completed, as stated, before points are awarded.

4.5      KCS reserves the right to remove points awarded through an affiliate offer at any time if it is felt these terms have been breached or a qualifying action has been reversed or cancelled.

4.6      Each affiliate point’s offer can only be redeemed once. Points will not be awarded to accounts attempting to redeem an offer on more than one occasion.

4.7      Minimum contractual obligations may need to be fulfilled for the full number of points to be awarded. See individual offers for details.

4.8      The base value of points redeemed via this method is identical to those of the standard loyalty scheme.

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