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Relief Printing Using A Lino Block

Relief printing using a lino block

You will need -

  • Pencil
  • Tracing Paper/Stencil
  • Permanent Marker
  • Bench Hook
  • Lino Cutting Set
  • Soft Cut Lino
  • Printing Paper
  • Masking Tape
  • Large Paint Pallet
  • Block Printing Inks
  • Printing Roller

Instructions -

1) Draw your chosen image onto the lino block using a pencil.

2) Copy over the design with a permanent marker.

3) Place the bench hook against the edge of the table to prevent slipping during carving.

4) Fit the style of lino cutter you want to use into the handle and check it is secure (see instructions in the packet for further details).

5) Place the lino block on the bench hook and use the lino cutter to carefully remove parts of the lino along your design. This is done by digging the cutter into the lino and pushing it along the outline. You should only cut to half the lino block’s thickness and always point the cutting tool away from you. Remember that you can always remove more material from your lino block – you can’t put back material once it has been removed!

6) Secure your paper to the table using masking tape.

7) Add printing ink to the pallet and use a hard rubber printing roller to spread the ink over the surface of the palette until you have an even coverage on the roller.

8) Use the ‘inked-up’ roller to apply the printing ink onto the face on the lino block.

9) Put the lino block face down on the paper and use a second, clean roller to apply even pressure to the back.

10) Lift the tile off the fabric and repeat the process to create another print.

11) Place the finished product in a safe place to dry.

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